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Our duct cleaning products and equipment

Products and equipment

Impeccable work ethic

At AIROMAX, we are committed to providing the best service in cleaning and maintaining ventilation systems. That’s why we use top quality duct cleaning equipment and maintenance products.

One word could sum up the work ethic of all of our staff: thoroughness. We make sure to respect each environment and each place in which we work.

Our equipement

  • Dust collectors: Optical detection system for the finest particles such as dust.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners with set of brushes: Cleaning devices collecting particles, dust and waste through the ducts.
  • Air compressors: Devices sending compressed air with a lot of power.
  • Nozzles: Nozzles used to spray air or water through the ducts.
  • Whisk systems: Tools used for cleaning ducts using high-performance rotating whips.
  • Fumigators: Decontamination devices often used in insect infestations.
  • Pressure pumps: Cleaning devices by propelling water at high pressure.
  • Pneumatic rotating brushes: Deep cleaning devices.
  • Condensers: Devices used to liquefy steam on a cold surface.

Our products

We select the most effective products in order to achieve optimal results. Each product offers a different specificity and that is why we work with a wide range of products and various brands. Whether it is to decontaminate, deodorize or clean your ventilation ducts, we will find the ideal product among the following brands!

  • Gemi-Cure, Bio-Clean
  • Magisol, Extra
  • Biodor
  • Net-Coil, Alki-Foam
  • ET-100, DP 2545
  • D-Kal

In addition to all these state-of-the-art devices, our cleaning and maintenance teams are equipped with personal protective equipment in order to perform an efficient and safe job. During each cleaning service, our staff equips themselves with suits, gloves, boots, masks and goggles to ensure their protection and safety.

Quality equipment for quality work

There is more to cleaning industrial, commercial and institutional ventilation ducts than simply removing dust. It is actually a more complex process requiring a multitude of tools.

In order to provide the most optimal cleaning service, it is essential to be equipped with the best tools, methods and products. All the products we use are effective in decontaminating, deodorizing and cleaning up certain residues. AIROMAX staff make sure to provide each team with all the required and specialized equipment to ensure high quality work.

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