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Duct cleaning

The professional company AIROMAX located in Longueuil, offers their services through
cleaning specialists in commercial, industrial and residential ventilation systems. Their
teams are trained and supervised at the process, cleaning product, service and
customers and company values in order to offer you quality services. They will take care of
do not damage the premises and equipment they have to clean.

Cleaning of residential ducts

If you are eager to improve the air quality within your home and reduce all
impurities that coexist there to improve the air flow of your heating system or
ventilation and thus reduce your energy costs. So turn to AIROMAX on Longueuil,
They’ll know what to do with your conduits!

For the last twenty years, AIROMAX has developed its working methods by
making more efficient and now uses products specifically according to the services of
cleaning to be performed. It carries out the cleaning and decontamination of systems related to the
breakdown into all types of residential buildings.

Cleaning of commercial ducts

Contributing to the well-being of your employees has never been an option. It is important to ensure their
health and therefore improve the air quality in your workspaces in order to get a reduction
significant dust to improve the airflow within the different parts and make it
more enjoyable. This initiative will make a difference to your employees so don’t neglect it.

In addition, the reputation of their products comes down to a great thoroughness in the choice that
a multitude of tools. These tools will allow a better quality of work but watch
respect for the environment and for each place in which the teams work
their activity. An ecological action that you can now find on Longueuil.

Cleaning of industrial ducts

It should be noted that industrial activities require a controlled environment where hygiene and
air quality is often essential. In production, dust is a
factor that poses a health risk because it is at the level of the air released and is
transform into small particles that spread throughout the room and especially in products
which are circulating in the factory.

This is why care must be taken to keep its industrial ducts clean in order to reduce
risks due to the various equipment that AIROMAX has on Longueil such as the
dust, air compressor or industrial vacuum with brush set and many others.

They work meticulously and efficiently to offer you a cleaning service at the
completely tailored to your needs. We know that attention to detail and
quality is important to you and to us so do not hesitate and contact AIROMAX
on Longueuil.

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