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Ducts cleaning

Cleaning of commercial ducts

Ensuring the health of your employees is an important factor in a company
contribute to their well-being so that they feel fit to work and motivated. To do this, the
the air quality of your workspaces is deteriorated, call on AIROMAX. Thanks to their team
of specialists you will get a significant reduction of dust to improve airflow
and make it more pleasant. This initiative will make the difference with the
your employees so don’t neglect it.

Indeed, you can trust the high quality of their products and their reputable equipment
to be chosen with great attention to detail. Thus they will be able to offer you a quality of service
clean. In addition, AIROMAX also ensures respect for the environment and
every place in which the teams operate. An ecological action that you can
now find on Brossard.

Cleaning of industrial ducts

It should be noted that industrial activities require a controlled environment where hygiene and
air quality is often essential. In some areas of production, air quality
from the air released by the ducts as it transforms into
small particles that propagate throughout the room afterwards and may enter the

This is why care must be taken to keep its industrial ducts clean in order to reduce
risks thanks to the various equipment that AIROMAX has on Brossard such as the fumigator, the
whip system or pneumatic rotary brushes and many others.

Cleaning of residential ducts

If you are eager to improve the air quality within your home and reduce all
impurities that coexist there to improve the air flow of your heating system or
ventilation and thus reduce your energy costs. So turn to AIROMAX on Brossard, they
will know what to do with your ducts!

For the last twenty years, AIROMAX has developed its working methods by
making more efficient and now uses products specifically according to the services of
cleaning to be performed. It carries out the cleaning and decontamination of systems related to the
breakdown into all types of residential buildings.

Choose the expertise and know-how of AIROMAX for all your maintenance and cleaning needs
industrial, commercial or institutional conduits! We know that attention to detail and
quality is important for you and for us so do not hesitate and contact AIROMAX on

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