Fall is just around the corner, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, which means you’ll be spending more and more time in your home. You may even start using your heating system. After a summer of air conditioning, or having the doors and windows open, many things can build up in your air ducts. In addition, if you have pets, this greatly increases the risk of dust, bacteria, mold, pollens and allergens in your heating and air exchanger air ducts.

This is why Airomax advises you to clean them. Fall is the ideal season to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria, pollens, allergens and others that can accumulate in your ventilation ducts during the summer and previous seasons. Would you like to live in a healthy environment all winter long?

Cleaning air ducts is essential, because a lack of maintenance can harm your health and the health of your loved ones. You will be more likely to develop allergies or lung diseases. Also, the risk of fire is considerably increased. Book your duct cleaning with Airomax.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, cleaning and decontaminating your ventilation ducts is very important. If you can’t remember the last time these were cleaned, we advise you to call us: 450-677-6795. Do not hesitate to speak to your building manager. You have the right to live in a healthy environment and breathe a cleaner air.

Call on the experts at Airomax to eliminate the accumulation of dust and pollen in your house or apartment.

We use an effective process that has proven itself.


First suction, air, pollen, allergens, bacteria and more are sucked into our external collector. Subsequently, we use friction, this process aims to dislodge dust from the walls of the ducts that are more difficult to access. Finally, the drive, this aims to route residue and dust to our outdoor collector using nozzles.

Pneumatic whips hitting all wall surfaces at high speed are used to dislodge all dust and unwanted residue.

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