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Can’t stand bad smells from your bathroom, laundry room or kitchen? Airomax has set up an installation and repair service for odor control valves and kitchen hoods. With their plumbing expertise, our professionals can end your nightmare.

Dryer, oven and bathroom outlet replacement

The odor control valve is an essential mechanism in your sanitary installations. Thanks to its ability to control the direction of fluid flow, the valve only allows air to pass in one direction. This prevents these odors from passing through the pipes and disturbing you in your home. The steps for installing a non-return valve in your home are as follows:

  1. Plumbing location and inspection
  2. Determining the Right Kind of Damper for Your Home
  3. Necessary work of breaking concrete and cleaning the basement

4.Extraction of the old piping
5.Implementation of the new sanitary system
6.Concrete pouring to put the site in order (if necessary)

Clapet antiodeurs

Airomax has put at your disposal a team of professionals who have the necessary expertise for the installation and repair of all types of non-return valves. For more information, contact us by phone or email!

Installation and repair of kitchen hoods

The range hood plays an important sanitary role in your home. It sucks in and filters cooking vapors and in particular the fumes of oils and fats which roast and which are full of toxic substances such as acrolein. This can lead to an exacerbation of asthma in sensitive people. In addition, the hood prevents the kitchen and the furniture gradually becoming clogged with a greasy film; which can make your kitchen look ugly and unhealthy. Our kitchen hood installation and repair service will allow you to enjoy your long-simmered dishes in the healthy environment of your place of residence. The steps for installing the kitchen hood:

  • Tracing the location of the extractor hood which must be in the center and in line with your hob
  • Determination of the safety heights between the cooker and the underside of the hood (80 cm for gas hobs and 70 cm for electric hobs).
  • Fixing the hood support to the wall on brackets
  • Installation of an impermeable exhaust duct between the hood and the outlet
  • Checking the hood filter
  • Electrical connection

At AIROMAX, the satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns. Our main concern is to provide our customers with courteous service that will best meet their expectations. To do this, we have put at your disposal a team of experts to advise and assist you throughout the process of installing or repairing their absorbent hoods.

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