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With the pandemic, the Airomax team made it their mission to do everything possible to help society. The new technique for disinfecting surfaces of all kinds allows Airomax to eliminate the Covid-19 virus safely in record time. In fact, disinfection by misting consists of projecting a fine mist of disinfectant product into the environment using a mist sprayer. The mist formed will therefore settle on all accessible surfaces of the room in contact with the air. This technique allows surfaces and objects to be disinfected without soaking them.

Very used on large surfaces, this new process is available in personal residences, businesses and industries. The Airomax team will come to your infected location with the necessary equipment to apply the disinfectant mist and thus make your home or workplace safe again.

The AIROMAX guarantee

AIROMAX is a qualified company with a team of professionals in the cleaning and maintenance of commercial, industrial and residential ventilation systems. For more than 20 years now, we have been proud to surround ourselves with certified staff; this is why we ensure that each employee receives the appropriate training in cleaning methods, processes and techniques as well as in the use of products necessary for cleaning services.

By moving from customer service to the values conveyed within our company, we work hard to provide you with superior quality services.

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