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Quality Control

SFP process

At AIROMAX, we use the SFP process. This is the friction method that is currently the most effective for completely cleaning air ducts.

Here, in three steps, the operations of the SFP process:

1. Succion

At AIROMAX, we use the SFP process. This is the friction method that is currently the most effective for completely cleaning air ducts.

2. Friction

The purpose of friction is to dislodge all the dust from the walls of the ducts. Many cleaning companies only use vacuum cleaners with round brushes that they insert into the ducts during their work. This process is less efficient because it does not allow cleaning beyond the elbows and certain sections of the ducts.

3. Pulsion

The impulse allows residues and dust to be conveyed to the collector using nozzles. Thanks to this process, all the nooks and crannies, as well as all the sections located beyond the elbows, are well cleaned.

A pneumatic whisk system is used which strikes at high speed all surfaces of the walls of the air ducts to dislodge any dust. To be fully effective, it is necessary to work meticulously with the minimum required air pressure (140 lbs) in order to achieve optimal results. Our teams take the time necessary to carry out this important operation to dislodge and vacuum any dust.

Liability Insurance

We have full liability insurance to protect our customers.Ventilation related systems are cleaned and decontaminated in all types of residential buildings. For several years, we have developed an enviable expertise for all cleaning work of:

AIROMAX is not content with having good cleaning processes and good work teams. We also have a strict approach to quality control. If an area cannot be cleaned, we notify our customers promptly so that together we can make the necessary changes. This customer service is built into our very cleaning procedures. Thus, each employee is responsible for ensuring maximum quality in the work they perform.

We know that the quality of the work is a priority. Thoroughness, a desire to improve and serve customers well are skills required when hiring. In addition, team leaders perform regular quality inspections.

In other words, the president of AIROMAX is responsible for quality. Our instructions are clear and unequivocal: if the work done does not meet our standards or the quality standards of our customers, it must be resumed.

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