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Industrial ducts

Experienced staff

At AIROMAX, our experienced teams are available to clients working in the industrial sector. Whether you need ventilation system cleaning or robotic camera visual inspection services, our staff can provide you with comprehensive services in:

  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Hoods
  • Evacuation systems
  • Dust collectors
  • Unit repairs
  • Acoustic insulation seals
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We are also able to provide you with free visual inspection and robotic camera inspection services. Our cleaning team will then be able to write a detailed report that is completely adapted to your needs.

The SFP process

At AIROMAX, we use the SFP method for any maintenance and cleaning service for commercial ducts. It is based on three distinct steps: suction, friction and drive. Currently, this is the most efficient method in terms of cleaning and that is why we swear by this method. Learn more

Quality work is guaranteed

Rest assured that all of our cleaning and maintenance teams take the time necessary to carry out this crucial operation in order to dislodge and vacuum up all residues, particles and dust. Our staff frequently carry out work inspections in order to verify the cleanliness and quality of the service offered. You can be assured of impeccable quality service and work from all of our cleaning teams. In addition, you will be rid of all that accumulation of dust and you will finally be able to breathe easier! Learn more

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